Family Photo Album

Welcome to our photo album. please be aware that like a regular photo album we are not always up to date with the newest ones we have.

Here is an image of our niece Mindy and her dad (Dan's brother Doug).

This is an image of our Niece, Kirsten Nelson, my older brother David's daughter. She lives on the West Coast and is an elementary school teacher. We missed seeing her the fall that she traveled through Iowa but sure enjoyed getting this picture.

Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten is a recent college graduate with an English Literature Bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh(96) and a professional degree in elementary education from University of Pittsburgh (97). Kirsten plans on finishing her Masters Degree work in California.

Sandy's Parents and brother Butch

Have you ever run across an old family photo that just makes you smile? Well that is how we feel about this one. This is a photo of Sandy's parents, Betty and BT Keeler and her brother Butch. I cropped it and added a date which helps the viewer understand the clothing styles.

BT (Bum) Keeler, Betty and Butch