Our Family Page

This is a page dedicated to our family. That is, it will include information and images about our sons Brian and Gary as well as an image or two of Sandy and me.

Sandy and I have always been a little camera shy so you'll need to forgive us if we don't splash our picture all over these pages. But we have had e-mail asking us to post at least one or two pictures of us so people know who is behind these pages. So we will start off with this image of us at our 30th Wedding Anniversary celebration in August of 1998.

Sandy and I were married on August 2, 1968 in the First Christian Church located in Estherville, IA. It was a small wedding with family and friends and it has been the foundation for a life of happiness. In this day and age of divorce and broken relationships we feel very lucky to have had such great success at this marriage.

On June 16, 1972 we became the proud parents of two sons, Gary and Brian. Yes, you guessed it they are twins, even though we don't think of them as such, just brothers we'd tell people when they would remark about their different personalities and appearance. They are our pride and joy in every way and although we try not to brag, they do give us reason beam with pride.

Brian, the first born (7 minutes older than Gary) is pictured above in his 1991 graduation picture (Click here to see an updated image). He lives in Minneapolis, MN and works as what he describes as a computer geek. Brian, like Gary and me, has had an interest in the computer ever since the day we acquired a Commodore Vic 20. We always thought Gary would turn into the true "Chip Head," but Brian found his niche working in this field and we are real proud of his success at self education in this field.

Gary grew up about a head shorter than Brian, which at times caused a great deal of concern on his part. His concern did not seem to be that he was shorter, just that it seemed like people needed to comment on it. But during his teen years he quickly caught up with Brian in height. He is now a tall slender (he doesn't like us to say skinny) young man.

Gary works for the Target Stores and is now in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, actually Roy, Utah. Gary started with Target store here in Mason City as set-up help when this store moved to a larger location. He has also worked for them in Ames, IA, Missoula, MT, and Boise, Idaho. (Click here to see an updated image)

And this is a picture of us while on vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota in August of 1998, we thought hiding behind the costumes would make the picture taking less painful for us.

We have taken considerable comment form our two sons concerning the images that we used on this page. We think the graduation pictures are just great but do feel we should add an update so here are a couple that we like, we hope they do as well.

On a trip to Boise to visit Gary we snapped a picture of him sunning himself on a rock by a lake.

in August 1999 while at a wedding Brian was caught in the act of being casual while we waited for the ceremony to start.