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This site was updated on 02/28/2005

Breyfogle is not a common name, but it does go back a long way here in the United States. In fact my research shows that Johan Petar Breyvogel arrived on this continent in 1744. He settled in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and began raising a family whose descendents would eventually live across the United States. This page will be dedicated to the continuing study of the family history for both Sandy and me.

As uncommon as the Breyfogle name is, it has proved to be the easiest to trace back in history. The other names we are tracing are more difficult because it is difficult to find links between family groups. As part of this search we will need the help of those with an interest in finding a connection to the past. If your last name, also known as surname, is one of the following we would like your help. The dates behind each of the surnames represents the earliest birth date we have for a particular family member.

These names represent those immediate families for Sandy and me and our parents. A quick check of our database shows that going back to 1744 there are hundreds of family names connected to our line. We know that tracing them all back is impossible, but we would like to build as complete a tree as possible and with your help it may be possible.

We have two methods to collect your family history:

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