Welcome to our hobby page. We have several hobbies and interests that we would like to share and decided this would be a good way to launch into each of them. To make this page faster loading we decided to restrict the use of graphics and images, if you click the links below you can go to the pages that include photos, links, and other interesting information. Thanks for visiting this section stop back to see what new interests we have developed since your last visit.

Goldfinch Page
Since moving to the country we have developed an interest in feeding and watching birds, especially the Eastern Goldfinch. Stop by this page to see some photos of our state bird.

Teddy Bear Page
Sandy has been collecting a variety of teddy bears over several years. These cuddly little creatures pop up all around the house and make us smile just to see them. If you're a collector, drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you.

Restoration Page
This page is about restorations we have made over the years, well the projects we recorded with pictures. We had many that we just restored and moved on that won't make it to this page.

Woodworking Page
Dan has had an interest in wood working since he was a kid. His projects vary from small shelf type wood items to furniture. He'll be glad to show you around the shop, his pride and joy. You can also look at specific shop projects at the links below.