Luscombe Sedan History

March 1948 Airplane News magazine cover

When I began working on this model I went to the Internet to find out more about the actual aircraft. I really don't know what prompted my decision to purchase the model itself other than the challenge of building what looked like an old school kit.

On-line sources indicate that this aircraft was introduced by the Luscombe company in 1946 and was certified in May 1948. It is officially described as a Model 11 Sedan, four-place family/business aircraft. Literature for the aircraft promoted it as an aircraft to fit the "Flying Farmer of America" specification and that with the back seats removed could hold up to six milk cans. I can't find any reports that it was ever used to transport milk but that was one of the design factors.

The aircraft has the following specifications:

  • Length: 23-Feet 6-Inches
  • Wingspan: 38-Feet
  • Powerplant: Continental E-165-2, 165 hp @ 2050 RPM
  • Cruise speed: 113 knots (130 mph)
  • Range: 576 miles

Luscombe Aircraft was founded by Donald A. Luscombe in Kansas City, Missouri in 1933. Mr. Luscombe was an experienced aircraft designer prior to founding his company and his goal was to build an all metal aircraft, a departure from the fabric covered aircraft common at that time. The company moved to Trenton, New Jersey in 1935 and shortly after that they introduced the Luscombe Model 8, their best known aircraft.

Luscombe 50

The company went bankrupt in 1948 and the company was purchased in 1949 by a company known as Temco. On-line resources indicate that as of 2010 only 38 Luscombe 11's remain registered on the US Civil Aircraft Registry. In all the years of attending the Flight Breakfast in Estherville and taking pictures of vintage aircraft I don't have a single picture of any of the Luscombe aircraft.

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