Photography Page

Sunset on Highway 18 in Cerro Gordo County Iowa, November 4, 2001

Dedicated to the proposition that there is a little bit of a photographer in all of us. Sandy and I take forever to shoot a roll of film, then can't wait to get them developed. As we flip through them we say "There is a good one, we were lucky there." If this is your type of photography you'll be right at home here. We decided not to put this under the Hobby section because we consider this to be part of everyday life for so many people. If a person considers something to be a hobby they generally devote a considerable amount of time to the study and perfection of the activity. As stated above, we just consider ourselves "lucky" at times.

If you're into F Stops, Filters, mega telephoto lens', and the like, you may not be real comfortable with a couple "lucky" photographers who know how to load a couple cameras, point, and shoot. But you're welcome here as well. A word about copy rights. Every photo on this page was taken by Sandy or me, or by someone we know that wanted to share with us. If you like the photo, right-click it and save it with our permission. If you sell it for a profit, e-mail us the money. Enough with the talk, on with the pictures.

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Sunsets Our own Backyard
Mason City Area City Scapes

Stop back again, if we're "lucky" we'll have some more photos to look at.