It was 1961 or possibly 1962 that I first became interested in Model Rocketry. I had followed the US Space Race since the early sub-orbital flights and when a friend showed me his Estes catalog I was hooked. At this time this hobby was in it's infancy, nothing fancy, just some cardboard tubes, balsa wood fins and nose cones and a few motor sizes to choose from.

After flying and designing several rockets I laid the hobby aside for a number of years. Then my sons became interested in the hobby in 1983/84. We built some nice rockets and had some successful launches. The shuttle you see at the top of the page was one I constructed in 1984 but did not launch until June of 1999.

My brother Doug has a son who became interested in rockets and their talk got me started again. So as time goes by I will expand this page to include all matter of things I find interesting. I don't profess to be an expert on the subject, I'm just simply "hooked again."

The Alpha III pictured above is the first model I flew on my third entry into the sport.