In the winter of 2006 we experienced an ice storm that caused massive power outages throughout north central Iowa. We lost power for about 30 hours, which means we also lost the ability to heat the house and pump water. Luckily the temperatures remained high enough that the house did not freeze. But it convinced us that we would not go through another winter without a standby generator. This project requires some foundation work, which is part of our ocntinuing landscaping work as well as the generator installation. Please follow the links below to see our project, there are links on each page to return here.

Foundation Work

Foundation Work along the north side of the garage and this portion of the project included pouring concrete footings, setting the retaining wall blocks, and filling the planter area with soil.

The Generator Arrives

The Generator Arrives at 7:00 AM on a Tuesday morning. My team members from work arrived early to help get this 500 pound package off the truck and set on the pad.

Wiring the Generator

Wiring the generator requires careful attention to detail.

Installing the blackpipe

Feeding LP gas to the generator using blackpipe.