Downtown Aerial View - 1930 Estherville, Iowa

We consider this card to be one of our "great finds." It is in near mint condition with no yellowing and very clear. We can identify many of the buildings that still exist today even though this picture was taken around 1930. The Orleans Hotel is just left of center at the bottom of the card with Central avenue running diagonally to the upper right. Along the way we can see the old Daily News building, the Iowa Trust Bank, Library Square of course, and the Gardston Hotel in the upper right. The far left side near the middle of the card shows the old high school without Roosevelt School to its left. The post office is very prominent as is the BPOE and the Christian & Union Baptist Churches. Most of 7th street is blocked from view by the trees in the Courthouse and Library square. We found it most interesting to view to the upper middle and note how few house are in the background.

If you would like a full size scan of this card for your personal use please send e-mail and we will make it available to you. We do not honor requests for scans to be used in commercial ventures.

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