Estherville High School

We do not own this postcard, the scan is a little smaller than we normally like to use, but we felt the image was important to present because of a long ago demolished landmark. Both Sandy and I have vague memories of the bell tower on the left side of this image from our Junior High School days. We do not know the history of the bell tower or its significance, but do remember hanging out around it before and after school. We can't remember when the tower was demolished but it was after we attended 7th and 8th grade here.

We do not own the original card that this scan came from, it was donated to us by a friend. This is the only copy we have of this card, we do not think it is appropriate to use this scan in commercial ventures.

If you entered this page directly you can find more about our hometown of Estherville by clicking here and look for the hometown page link.