B.P.O.E. (Elks Club) Building

We don't know very much about this building or the organization. Dan went swimming there when he was a Boy Scout and was very impressed with the fact that the pool was on the second floor, "I didn't know they could do that."

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Our original postcard did not do a great job of depicting this building, and regretfully the picture below doesn't show that well either. We took this on February 16, 2005 and found the two very large spruce trees to be a major obstruction to the detail on this building. At this time the building stands empty, with many broken windows and birds making their homes on the ledges and of course inside. Rumor around town indicates it will be torn down but we do not have any solid information about its fate. What a shame that such a solid looking building can't find a meaningful purpose in Estherville.

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