Christian Church

We feel so very fortunate to finally find this card for our collection. This is the church we were married in, and as luck would have it, we were the last couple married in the church before it was torn down to be replaced by the new church. Dan attended church and Sunday school here as a child and has many fond memories of the friends he made as part of attending this church. You will note the shading difference in the brick on this building, this was a result of a fire that nearly destroyed the building. A friend donated a very small scan of an early postcard of this church that shows its appearance before the fire. (We do not have a larger or more detail image)

As an aside, we would like to thank the seller of this card for going out of her way to get this card in our hands. We appreciate her accomodation and prompt shipment.

If you would like a full size scan of this card for your personal use please send e-mail and we will make it available to you. We do not honor requests for scans to be used in commercial ventures.

As we mentioned above the Christian Church building we knew in our younger days has been torn down. The picture below shows the building as it appeared on February 16, 2005. It is located on the same corner of North 7th Street and 2nd Avenue North. We also note that it is officially known as the First Christian Church and that this building has undergone a few changes since it was originally built.

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