The Coon Block Building

In a book titled "Ester's Town," written by Deemer Lee, we learned that the original Coon Block building burnt in 1904. In this book there is a picture of a three story building that looks very much like the building in the image below. The primary difference is that this building is two stories. We are not sure if the postcard we have is the same building as depicted in the book. But we do know that this building is located on the corner of Central Avenue (at one time known as Lincoln Street) and South Sixth Street. This building has been heavily remodeled on the first floor and is now the home of Rexall Drug.

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In looking at the picture below, taken February 23, 2005, it is hard to believe that this building is the same structure that is shown in the postcard above. As we mentioned when we firt displayed this card, the lower floors have had heavy remodeling over they years and just recently the Rexall Drug store closed leaving this building empty. We also noted that although this was originally named the Coon Block the sign at the top of the building now indicates it is Groves Block.

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