Fort Defiance East Entrance

Collecting postcards can be interesting. Growing up in Estherville we visited this State Park many times. It is located on the West edge of Estherville and is heavily wooded with plenty of trails for hiking. What is interesting about this postcard is the message written on the back. It reads, "This is the entrance to one of our city parks. The block house is part of an old fort from Indian Days."

We hate to nit pick, but this is not a city park, rather it is part of the Iowa State park system. The block house is not part of the old fort, this was an improvement to this property. And finally, the actual Fort Defiance was located a couple miles from this location. The fort was located near downtown Estherville on the East side of the Des Moines river and it's construction did no resemble the block house shown here. But the card itself is very interesting for us since by the time we began visiting the park this entrance gate was long gone.

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