Estherville Junior High School

As we mentioned in the page concerning the postcard of what we knew as the Junior High School, we know that this building has served many purposes in the Estherville School System. This postcard is how the building appeared in an architectural drawing by James S. Cox, Architect, Estherville, IA, 1912. We know the date based on the postcard message and the postmark. The message on the postcard was written in pencil and is very faded but we were able to read most of it.

Estherville, Iowa
September 1, 1912
Dear Miss Hastings,
I have been gone nearly all the summer and have not had timer to answer your postal before. Are you going to teach school here this fall? The have started building the new school house buthave not got very far with it.
Claire Jeglum

Addressed to:
Miss Ethel Hastings
Address not legible

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