Lincoln School

This is the school Sandy and I attended from kindergarten through 4th grade. This postcard shows the school prior to the addition we were familiar with while going ot school. The addition added to the West side (left side in this image) had the kindergarten room in the basement and classrooms above. During our time at this school there was a huge (or so it seemed then) playground on the East side of the school, which included a very high steel slide, swing sets, monkey bars, and a baseball field out back. This school still stands today with threats to replace it during every bond election.

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We have such fond memories of this building and our time attending school there that the picture we took below makes us sad. This was taken on a Wednesday morning (February 16, 2005) when we would normally expect to see children attending classes. It closed a few years ago and although the school district still owns it, it is used as a storage facilty and we are told a bus still picks-up and drops student off here as they are bussed to other schools in Estherville. The thought does cross our mind that at some point this old landmark will fall victim to the wrecking ball, or be cut-up inot apartments altering its stately appearance.

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