North 6th Street Estherville, Iowa

This postcard illustrates a view looking North on Sixth street. The library is on the East side of this street. When we were children the bank on the corner was called the Iowa Trust and Savings Bank. Sunday mornings would find a newspaper boy selling the Des Moines Register from this corner. It has changed names several times since then but the building remains pretty much unchanged. About half way up the block you can see the Grand Theater, which has since been torn down.

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Of all the streets that surround the library square North 6th Street has seen the most significant changes over the years. The picture below was taken on February 23, 2005 and shows the old Iowa Trust and Savings bank as it stood in the 1950's and 60's, with the exception of a small addition to the north. The bank also has a drive-up addition to the west that doesn't show from this angle. But as the viewer looks north it is noted that everything from the middle of the block north is new. The corner buildings were the first to go and a new glass and steel structure was built to house the First Federal Savings and Loan (now closed and gone) and in the more recent years the Grand Theatre building was torn down to make was for a new two-story structure.

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