Post Office Block Estherville, Iowa

We would like to thank the Estherville Daily News and their staff writer, Karla Ellis, for their June 30, 2005 front page article on the Emmet County State Bank renovation for providing us with much needed details on this building. Their article focused primarily on the history of Emmet County State Bank (ECSB) and their recent renovation, but as part of it they outlined the history of the buildings on this corner.

The postcard pictured on this page was known as the Bartlett Building and was built during 1902 and 1903. Our postcard is dated 1909, and the newspaper reported that this building burned down on March 26, 1918. As you can see in the picture, the Enterprise, a local newspaper, made its home in this building along with Dolittle’s Studio. Dolittle Studio produced many of the postcards of the era, but we don’t have any information when the business started or how long they existed.

We are not sure why it is called the Post Office block either. Perhaps the post office was located here prior to being constructed in 1911. We will continue to search for history and others pictures of this corner and would appreciate your help if you can point us in the right direction.

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