Presbyterian Church

We don't have much information on this church other than it is located on 1st Avenue South and South 7th Street (723 1st Avenue South). This very close to the business district and the church is standing much the same as pictured here.

An unknown visitor to our site donated a scan of a very early postcard of this church. The contributor indicates that the postmark is 1904 and the message written on the front indictes:

Dear Irene!
This has just been completed. How do you like it?

The scan you see below is the only one we have to offer.

If you would like a full size scan of this card for your personal use please send e-mail and we will make it available to you. We do not honor requests for scans to be used in commercial ventures.

We took the picture below on February 16, 2005 and had trouble framing the church picture without getting overhead wires, road signs, and other obstructions in the view. Obviously the original photographer did not have these obstructions in his/her way. The only changes we could see to this structure are the removal of the pinnacles on the three turrets.

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