April 10, 2004

Today worked all day at the end of a shovel. I needed to install a new conduit from the house to the shop to feed the security system as well as the coax for the TV in the shop office. The trench begins at the NW corner of the laundry room addition and sweeps from a westerly direction to the north to meet the utility hand hole I roughed in last fall.

The digging was a little tough because the ground below the new gravel is a 70 year old drive, but I was able to make it all the way to the hand hole without any big problem. The trench from the house to the hand hole is 130 feet long. I installed rigid steel conduit under the first 20 feet since this is the area where we drive over the conduit's path.

I ran the house counduit into the hand hole and then started a new trench around the LP tank. I had planned on using the conduit I installed last fall that would take the cables to the water crawl space under the finish room but realized how much wasted wire that would involve. So I decided to install a new one into the SE corner of the garage portion of the shop. I used an expansion joint so that movement between the round and shop will not tear things apart. The lighter colored section below the entrance elbow is the expansion joint, it slides up and down on the piece of conduit coming out of the ground and is sealed with an internal 'O' ring.

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