April 12, 2004

I'm not sure why cleaning up is the hardest part of the project, but it seems like I never want to take the time to do it until it gets out of control. So today it was time to clean up the shop floor so I could safely walk one end to the other. And like all projects I tend to put off, it didn't take that long and left a very nice place to work.

The next project was to run a 3/4" conduit from the wall box on the east wall of the garage portion of the shop across the attic space. There is no requirement to put the cable in conduit but I do want to make it so that if I ever need to replace the cable it will be a simple matter of pulling another. Simple that is if you consider that I will have blown the attic full of insulation and working in that will be a problem. The picture below shows the 3/4" conduit stubbed above the 1" conduit going down to the security junction box.

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