April 17, 2004

I did work in the middle of the week and had Mark from work help me pull the signal cable from the house to the shop security panel. All totaled it was 250 of cable from end to end. The picture above shows the panel once I had all the wire pulled from the house and the rest of the security system roughed in today. I had to run wires for the two walk-in doors as well as the overhead door. I pulled them all through the 1" PVC conduit and had plenty of room in it.

The second project was to install the outdoor wall pack light fixture above the west door. I didn't need to do this but thought since I was working around this door with the security system I just as well get the fixture installed. I have had these around for some time, it along with the others are rejects from work that I have worked over to correct manufacturing flaws that made them trash can items. I have another special fixture that can be seen in the picture below. It is a heavy cast piece, very industrial looking, that was originally natural metal finish. So I decided to spray it the bright red I used on the fixture beside the south walk-in door.

I will be installing this fixture over the overhead door on the south side. It will be on the night light system but will be switched off most of the time since it will only be needed when I want to work at night in front of the shop, other lighting provides adequate security lighting. The final project in the shop was to clean up the garage portion. Sandy removed most of the garden and yard items that we stored in here for the winter. Once it was cleaned up it certainly made more room to work.

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