April 24, 2004

Today's work on the shop took all of 30 minutes and can be summed up in a single picture. I put the second coat of joint cement towards the end of the day working very hard on another project. I will use this site location to detail our construction of the garden shed that Sandy has been wanting for some time. The shed will be the storage and working spot for all those things related to her flower gardens and lawn work. It will feature workbench for potting plants along with racks and shelves for all the tools necessary to maintain the garden. It won't be used for the lawn mowers, they will remain in the new shop garage.

The first step was to construct the floor joist and footers for the floor. This shed will not be a permanent structure like the others we have been working on. It is built on skids so that it can be moved around if need be in the future. I used foundation grade pressure treated material for this part of the floor system and once leveled with bricks and concrete blocks Sandy and I filled rock around the bottom of the footer skids. We gathered this rock from the old approach to the machine shed. This was crushed stone that we had picked out of the yard over the first months we lived here.

The picture above shows the location we choose for the shed, it is about 13 feet from the base of the spruce trees on the north side of the property. We are hoping that this is far enough from the trees that they won't crowd the shed out, if they do we can move the shed as needed. It took about half the day to get the base set for the shed and then it was time to start framing the walls. We started with the west wall but before we could move on the rain started so it was time to pick up our mess. Hopefully tomorrow we can get the framing completed so the shape of the shed will show.

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