April 26, 2004

You will need to look real closely to see the progress on the garden shed tonight. I started by moving the temporary diagonal bracing from the outside of the walls to the inside. This will allow me to get the base trim on the shed and then move to the siding. I applied a pressure treated plywood strip around the base of the shed to tie the joist and skids together. Since this is not a permanent structure I made this trim so that the bottom skid is exposed for future movement of the shed. I outlined the bottom of the skid so it will show in the picture above.

Once this strip was installed I made the cedar trim piece that the siding sets on. This trim on the house and shop are a full 1 X 12 but I made this a 1 X 6 to make the scale suit the shed. I cut a rabbit on the bottom edge of the trim so it lips over the plywood trim strip. I also ran a saw kerf along the top of the strip so that the 'Z' spline could set down flush. This metal weatherstrip should have been 3/4" to lip over the cedar but none of the local lumber yards stock it so I made this special cut to accomodate the 5/8 spline. I will caulk the small kerf once the siding is in place.

The wind was blowing out of the NW at over 30 miles per hour so I decided not to try installing any siding tonight. Handling 4 X 8 sheets of siding is pretty risky in any wind, but this wind would have made the job impossible.

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