April 27, 2004

The sun was setting tonight as we finished up working on the shed. I was home early to work on it but had to take time to replace more shingles on the house. We have been plagued with more high wind and every time the wind gets about 25 MPH the Tamko shingles fail. Anyway, once I finished up on the roof of the house we went to work on installing siding on the shed. We started on the north side and made quick work of the two sheets needed to cover it. I will need to finish the gable end once we get the roof on but for now the shed is more rigid with the siding installed.

We moved to the front side and installed the two windows first. These are a less expensive slider window but should work very well for the shed. Once in place it didn't take long to finish up the siding. This siding is the same as we used on the shop, it is 3/8 rough sawn plywood and will have batts every 16".

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