April 3, 2005

The first project today was to apply a coat of latex paint to the inside of the clamp cabinet and to the side that faces the tablesaw. While this coat of paint dried I installed a shut-off valve and a male pipe thread fitting to the copper extension I worked on yesterday. Then it was a simple matter to conect the hose reel to the airline with the rubber hose that the manufacturer provided.

By this time the paint had dried and I applied a second coat of paint and then cut the conduit clamp supports. I installed the cabinet by screwing it to the floor and aligning it to the tablesaw. Once in place I loaded the clamps in place to make sure that I would have enough room for the clamps. Then I started working on the drawer unit that will complete the cabinet. I don't have much to show for over half a days work, but as I mentioned this is a complicated cabinet. It will have three sections of drawers for small hand tools and supplies. It will also have a woodworking vise on the south side so I had to make a cutout to accept it, I marked it with an arrow. I will also be installing outlets on the west side under the counter overhang so there is a lot of planning needed. The inside of the cabinet is lined with formica to make the drawers slide easier and the strips of wood fit into a dado to act as drawer slides. I was able to fabricate all the sides and partitions for the cabinet (the others are marked with an arrow).

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