April 7, 2005

Tonight's work was not all that showy, but I certainly got more done than last night. The work tonight wasn't as picky but did take time. As you can see in the picture above, the first project was to connect the tablesaw power box to the new cabinet. I used 3/4" conduit and bent a large offset to route it away from the tablesaw angle adjustment. I passed through two holes in the cabinet and connected it to a 4" square box inside the empty space above the top drawer on the south side of the cabinet.

Once inside the cabinet I changed to non-metallic cable and led one piece towards the west for the outlet strip that will extend end to end on the west face of the cabinet above the drawers. The cable running north (blue arrow) will connect to an outlet (possibly another strip) on the north side of the cabinet.

With the wiring completed for now I mounted the vise to the bench using 3/8" lag bolts. This is the vise I had mounted on the bench in the old shop and it has proven to be very solid and useful. The last project tonight was to add another layer of particle board to the bottom of the counter to thicken it to 2-1/2". The last bench I built did not have any overhand on the counter and it was difficult to use clamps to hald work pieces in place. So I decided to put a substantial edge on this one. I will cover the particle board edge with a layer of maple hardwood.

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