April 16, 2005

The last update was a week ago, and although I have had other projects that got in the way of work I will report that I was able to get the base cabinet painted with two coats of finish paint and I now have three coats of varnish on the top. The picture above shows my first project today. I installed this piece of plugmold as well as the one on the west side (visible below) this morning. It took nearly an hour to get them mounted and connected. The next project was more like factory work than anything else.

I cut out all the pieces for the 15 drawers that make-up the west side of the cabinet and assemble them. They are nothing more than simple boxes but they needed to be constructed accuratly so they would slide freely. I divided two of them to help seperate the tools that willo fill them. I have more partitions to make tomorrow and then install the drawer fronts before painting them.

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