April 17, 2005

This morning I went right to work on the drawer fronts and fabricated them in short order. The method of mounting the fronts was to set them in place in front of the drawer, position them using a 3/32" spacer to allow a uniform joint between them, and then to screw them in place using the drawer pull holes. Once in place I removed the drawer and installed 4 washer head screws from the inside into the front. The fronts also had glue on them to hold them from shifting around.

When I finished the installation of the fronts I removed the pull hole screws and drilled a 3/16" hole for the pulls to be installed after painting. I then sanded them and applied a coat of primer. I was afraid that if I painted them too early I would not be able to continue working, but then realized that it would take over two hours to paint them so I jumped into the painting.

The final project of the day was to apply the final coat of varnish to the bench top. I had scuffed the top with the belt sander and had to wet sand the entire top, then apply the finish. I also sanded and applied a first coat of varnish to the top of the router table (marked with an arrow) that I built a year ago. This router table was constructed out of solid core doors and I was in such a hurry to use it that I didn't finish the construction or the finish that would protect it.

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