April 20, 2005

I took the picture of the daffodils in an effort to have a picture for tonight's update. I worked on the painting last night but since we had 3 inches of rain there wasn't anything outside to take a picture of, again, drying paint is boring. So tonight before I started painting the final coat of finsh on the fronts of the drawers I stopped for a picture. I put the first coat on last night and it went so well tonight that I decided to start sorting out the hand tools that will go in the drawers. The picture below shows the result of emptying 4 drawers on the old tool chest. I don't understand my fascination with screw drivers when I avoid their use with a passion. But since I own them and they are in good shape they will find a new home in this tool chest. I will be off-line until Sunday, we have an 80th birthday party that will keep me away from the shop project.

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