April 24, 2005

I was not able to work on the project Saturday, instead we visited family for an 80th birthday party. So today I went to work on installing the pulls on the drawers of the tablesaw cabinet and then filling them with tools. It took nearly all day to sort the tools and other items that would fill the drawers. I have room remaining is some of the drawers and could use some additional trays for the smaller items, but for now everything is in place so I can find it.

The rest of the day I cleaned the shop and tried to find places to better organize the "Stuff" setting around the shop. My next big project will be the cabinets along the north wall and I had to clean things up so I have room to work. Instead of sweeping around the last two salvage fixtures I have been holding off on mounting I got out the ladder and installed them. The center fixture went up with the rest of the fixtures so now I have a 12 foot stretch of light to illuminate the radial arm saw and miter box saw area where light is real important.

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