April 30, 2005

Although I have had a couple days away from the shop project I did take a little time on Thursday to finish boring all the shelf pin holes so this morning I was ready to assemble the wall cabinet. It took me longer to clear the spot you see above than it it did to assemble the cabinet. Once I had the spot cleared out I mounted a 1 X 2 strip on the wall to rest the partitions on as I assembled the cabinet. I started in the northwest corner by fastening the end, making sure it was shimmed out plumb.

Then I mounted a floor section followed by a partition. Then I added the drawer partition to stiffen the partition before screwing the pieces together. As I added each section I fastened the top with short pieces of 1 X 2 between the partitions with glue and nails. I worked my way across the wall adding the final end piece before lunch.

The next step was to apply face frames and a small bit of trim around the top before getting out the primer. I have another cabint just like this to build on the east side of this wall but will wait until this one is finished so that I have someplace to put all the material I will need to move about to make room for the next one.

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