August 2, 2003

August 2nd marks our 35th wedding anniversery, but this did not prevent us from putting in a full day on the project. Mark arrived a few minutes ahead of the cement truck and we started pouring before 8:00 AM. We started on the house LP tank base and then moved to the shop LP tank and finished up with the approach. I had the driver dump the remaining load in the office foundation space, and as it turned out we had plenty of cement. We filled the south shop wall forms with concrete and then flattened the remaining pile off so it would not interfer witht he joist.

By noon we had both pads floated and a broom finish on them. The forecast was for 30% chance of rain in the afternoon so I wanted to get them finished as fast as possible in the event that I had to cover them with plastic.

Mark left following lunch and I finished the day by cleaning up the east side of the garage floor forms. I needed to remove the stakes and did a small trench for the installation of the communication conduit. Since I am using this conduit for coax and Cat-5 high speed phone lines I need to be careful about tight bends, this is why I routed the conduit to the crawl hole instead of bringing it into the side of the garage with and entrance elbow. I forgot to pick up a 90 degree elbow to make the turn so I bent the conduit using a heat gun. I don't have the proper equipment for making bends in PVC but took my time and was very proud of this sweep. I heated a 3" section at a time and used a 5 gallon bucket as a form to make the bend. I drilled a hole in the foundation wall to insert the conduit. Once installed I backfilled the trench and finished the footing board connecting the garage floor to the north wall of the shop.

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