August 4, 2003

Tonight's work began with a little plumbing. I wanted to get the LP line installed so I could back-fill the trench. So I picked up 50' of 1/2" soft copper and soldered on a couple ends to keep it dry and clean. Then I unrolled the coil and pushed it through the PVC conduit that I had installed under the slab. I pulled out about 6 feet of line and then I slid more conduit over the rest of the line running along the side of the shop. I didn't want to try to push all 50 feet of line and was happy that I didn't try it as just 10 feet at a time was enough of a struggle.

The other news today is the delivery of the floor joist, insulation foam, and plywood flooring. The joist you see are full lenght pieces, there are some 28' and others are 36'. There are even several that are 40', which will be cut up to make 10' joist. As you can see I had the foam and plywood delivered to the house garage to keep it out of the weather for now.

The rest of the evening I worked on completing the center form and capping it off with it's 2 X 8. Even though this footing is fully supported by the old concrete machine shed floor I did fill it with rock to provide further support.

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