August 6, 2003

Just a quick update on the neighbors project. He jack hammered our the old foundation for the bin that sat here and escavated the area to provide 2 foot wide and 2 foot deep footings and a slab on the top. This will support a new larger cone bottomed bin to feed the dryer. I'm glad it is his project and not mine.......

My project for this afternoon and evening was to cover the entire wood floor area with 6 mil plastic sheathing. This came in a rool that unfolded to 16 foot wide and 100 foot long. I ran the plastic east and west so that the joint between the pieces would run along the center support beam. I used a little rock on top of the plastic to keep it on the ground. I then nailed 2 X 4's on top of the plastic that will be the bearing surface for the joist.

Sandy has been working very hard on cleaning up the machine shed for the storage of material and a place to work, you can see in the image below the result of her hard work. We moved all the old railroad ties that have laid there for a couple years and Sandy moved the remaining willow and maple tree wood that I did not burn this winter. So now this area can serve some purpose other than junk to trip over.

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