August 9, 2003

After taking Friday night off the project Sandy and I put in a long productive day on the shop project. The picture above pretty much sums it up, all the joist are installed and ready for floor insulation and the sub floor. The other images below show a couple of the details that I worked on today that must be in place before I seal the floor up.

The first detail is the copper compressed air line that runs from the garage area to the table saw work area. This is the only air line that needs to be located in the middle of the room so it was essential to get a line under the floor before installing the sheathing. I wanted to make sure this line was above the insulation so that it does not freeze in the winter. The two 3/4 EMT conduits will be used to supply electricity to the table saw and jointer and the outlets that will be used on the work surface built around the table saw. I only really needed one conduit but decided it was best to run the second in the event that I ever need to make changes.

I also installed two 5/8" X 8' ground rods for the electrical service and the ground wire. I drove one ground rod in the crawl hole where the sump hole will keep the soil wet and provide the best ground. I also drove another rod near where the panel will be located and connected both rods with a #6 copper wire. The two rods may be over kill, but again, once the floor is sealed up there will be no way to access it without cutting the sub floor up.

While I had the post driver and sledge hammer out I drove the fence post that supports the water line the rest of the way in. I also cut the excess water line off and taped up the end again to prevent insects from crawling into it.

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