August 10, 2003

We had to call a rain day about 3:30 PM today. Work went well getting the styrofoam insulation installed between all the joist. I began around the crawl hole and installed a conduit for the outlet to run the sump pump. This conduit will run to the attic through the wall between the finish room and garage. I also stubbed up a PVC drain line for the sink that will be located in the finish room, and a short run of copper for the water. I used more soft copper to make this run with the same thought as with the air line, that is not to have any sweat fittings concealed in the floor where they can't be accessed.

The styrofoam came in 4' X 8' sheets and is 1-1/2" thick. I ripped it to fit between the joist and rest on the flange created by the lower portion of the I-Joist. It took a bit of practise to figure out how to get the pieces in place as the ift is very close to prevent air leakage between them.

The rain came up rather quickly, in fact it was one of those freaky storms that we watched advance across the corn field to the west of us. It started getting dark to the west and moved our way, then we could hear the rain on the corn leaves long before it started raining on us. It was a much needed rain and well worth taking time off the project.

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