August 16, 2003

Well, we have walls!!!! What a fun day, hot, humid, and very tiring, but a fun day none the less. We started about 8:30 AM and in less than an hour we had the first section of wall standing. The picture above shows that first section, which is the east wall of the finish room. We worked across the east wall of the garage, which was the hardest framing because of the cramped quarters around the wood piles and I had to cut all the studs to length. Then we moved to the north wall and finished the afternoon by framing the west wall.

Sandy worked right along with me helping hold the wall sections up as I framed them. We worked with 12 foot sections so the weight would not be too great. The west wall shown above is the only one of the three we framed today to have any openings in it. You can see the window on the SW corner and the west door. Tomorrow should be an easier day, we have the sourth wall to frame and then double plate the entire thing. And it is supposed to be a bit cooler.

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