August 23, 2003

Our new shop project is going fine, but I wish I could report the same with the computer equipment used to make these updates. I have had some real serious file handling problems as it relates to Zip disks so lost the Friday update pictures. But that this is no place to complain about computer problems. Work on Friday was a couple hours of installing foundation plywood and I was able to complete the south side of the shop. This morning I started by using the neighbor's back hoe/end loader to grade the remainder of the shop driveway. The neighbor told me I was free to use the equipment but I have held off knowing that I like messing with the equipment and hated to waste time. But the work needed done and in a little less than an hour I had the drive finished.

The pile of plywood above is the rough sawn siding that was delivered on Saturday. It is 3/8" thick and does not have any grooves of other features, we will have batts every 16 inch when it is done. I laid out 21 of these sheets on the subfloor so Sandy could roll stain on them while I continued working on the foundation plywood. I finished up that project and then started on the 1 X 12 cedar apron board that will seperate the foundation from the siding. By the time I had the south side completed Sandy had two coats on the siding so we installed the sheets you see below. We had to stop because I was out of construction adhesive needed to glue the siding on around the windows.

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