August 24, 2003

We were reminded today that although the calendar is near the end of August there is still plenty of summer and summer weather left. Yesterday we had mild temperatures and a brisk breeze that made working a dream, today it was very humid and although there was a breeze it did little to cool us as we worked in the 90 degree weather. We began as we did yesterday, laying out the siding on the sub floor so Sandy could roll stain on them. Speaking of this, the shot below shows Sandy with her preferred painting method. I tried to get her to use a longer pole so she could stand up and paint but she preferred this method.

While Sandy worked on the siding I continued with installation of the siding. I began by hanging the window on the south side and then siding around it. Then I moved to the east side and installed the cedar apron and then all 9 sheets to complete it. I then moved to the west side to find some shade. Following the installation of the cedcar apron I started installing the siding and stopped to hang another window to complete the corner window of the shop.

By the end of the afternoon we had hung the office window and Sandy stacked all the stained siding on the office wall. We were certainly ready to end the day by picking up everything and heading to the house to cool off.

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