August 25, 2003

The heat wave continued today and so did the siding project. I went to work on the south side around the garage door when I came home from work. I had planned this area for late afternoon since the area is totally shaded. But the shade was not that much help today, the skies were overcast and the humidity was off the scale and very little breeze. But that didn't stop me from installing all the siding on the front, this makes the third side that is done. I do need to finish up between the walk-in doorway and the overhead door, but need to get some metal drip cap and "Z" spline. The z-spline is the metal piece that joins two sheets so the water does not run through the joint. I won't be hanging the doors until the roof is on and the building is otherwise weathertight. I will be taking the doors off the machine shed for the new shop so we need to be able to lock up the new shop and keep the weather off the equipment.

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