August 27, 2003

We finally got a break in the weather and we both took the opportunity to get some work done. Sandy in the big hero tonight, she finished staining all the siding by getting these 15 sheets stained two coats. This completes all the siding staining and it took nearly 20 gallons of stain. While she was working on this I took the garden tiller to the east side and cut the top off a pile of dirt and filled in around foundation. This side was a real man trap with a trench of about 2 foot deep and the same width. When I had the dirt pile leveled I hauled more dirt from the pile behind the shop. I used the neighbors backhoe to break up the dirt pile that is mostly rock with enough dirt to really pack it down. I also used the endloader to push over a small tree that needed to go as part of this project. It was one of our hybrid poplars that looked an awful lot like a cottonwood tree. It pushed right ober and pulled most of the roots with it.

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