August 28, 2003

The first project tonight was to pick up the 15 sheets of siding and get them stacked in the corner and covered with a tarp. We have a moderate chance of rain tonight and we'd hate to have it lying on the floor to soak up the rain if we get some. Then it was back to the dirt work. I finished backfilling the east side and then worked on the water hydrant area. This was a real hazard with the settling from the waterline work. The soil had settled about 8 inches so I cleaned the weeds out of the area and filled it with rock. It took three trailer loads to get it up to level but should prevent any mud puddles later.

The next project was to cut another tree down. This one was about 10 inches in diameter at the base and too large to push over. We needed to remove it so that we could have a pathway up to the well. In the picture below the red arrow marks the well and the blue arrow marks where the tree was removed. I cut the tree off at about 4 feet off the ground and then used the backhoe to pull the roots out of the ground.

The neighbors bin project heated up today when a crew showed up and started constructing the stand for the cone bottom that the old bin will set on. It certainly is larger than I had pictured in my mind. If you look closely behind the ladder on the right side of the picture you can see the large crane truck setting on the hill behind the new base. This base is about 10 foot tall.

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