August 29, 2003

The day finally arrived for us to begin the work on the roof framing for the new shop. The trusses were to be in town by 11:30 AM so I took off work to be there for the delivery. But it became apparent by midafternoon that the delivery schedule was not going as planned. While I waited for the truck I got my old Sears table saw moved from the old shop down to the new one (the table saw is hiding under the blue tarp). I will use this as I continue with the rest of the project. I also finished up the piece of siding between the overhead door and the walk-in door. I had to wait to do this until I got the Z-Spline flashing needed to join the pieces.

I started more backfill after this was done but the truck showed up before I could get anything real significant done on it. This is a different truck than the one our last project was delivered on. This truck has a roller bed so that very large trusses can be tolled off. But ours was shorter and bundled for handling with their overhead crane. The crane is stowed between the cab of the truck and the flatbed. He put down his outriggers and unfolded the crane. The picture below shows the crane moving the 36 foot long trusses from the flatbed to the ground.

The truss truck left as soon as he had our load off and the lumber yard driver and I removed the 65 sheets of roof sheathing along with the cedar that will be used for the facia. Then it was time to put a couple trusses in place. We had fairly good luck with the first one but the second became more difficult so after getting it in place and braced up properly we decided to start tomorrow when we were fresh and had more help.

We did decide to carry all the 28 foot trusses from the north side of the trees to the east side of the shop. This will reduce the time needed to carry them tomorrow.

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