August 1, 2004

It was another day of work that didn't offer much for interesting pictures. So I start with a picture of a nice project completed. I pulled the last circuit out of the panel today and finished up all the rest of the panel. I used wire ties to bundle the large conductors to keep them running in line. The next step was to install the cover, and as long as I was working here I installed the cover on the lighting panel. I had every intention of installing the communication panel cover but have mislaid the screws for it so will wait till they show up.

I worked most of the day getting more backing in place for the sheet rock project as well as finishing the rest of the insulation dams on the air ventilators. The picture below shows the backing for the suspension heater that will heat the shop. We went to the farm supply store lastnight and picked up a 75,000 BTU LP Gas heater. This is a self contained unit that hangs from the ceiling. I don't really need the heater now but needed the instruction book to determine the mounting hole spacing as well as the electrical inlet area. This unit will vent out through the roof with a double insulated flue. I decided to hang it over the window so that the gas line can take the shortest path to the heater.

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