August 14, 2004

The big day arrived, cool and sunny, and the shop was very comfortable to work in as we began the ceiling sheet rock. We started on the south side and the jack certainly made the project easier. Here my friend Mark is driving screws while the sheet is held in place with the jack. We finished the shop area by the middle of the afternoon and both decided that starting the garage then would be over doing it. But the big ceiling is done, about 1000 square feet of sheetrcock installed. The picture below shows the finished project after Sandy cleaned up the mess from installing the sheet rock

While Sandy was cleaning up our mess I worked in the garage to complete a few wiring details and to install the first piece of sheet rock starting on the south wall. This area measures 25'-6" so there is 18" needed to complete the ceiling besides the full sheets. I had these 9" strips of sheet rock left from the shop ceiling so will hange one strip on each end of the garage to save buying additional sheet rock. I also stuffed the old insulation up into the eave area like I did in the shop to complete the preperation for finishing the ceiling sheet rock tomorrow.

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