August 15, 2004

Mark was back today to help me wrap up the ceiling sheet rock project. We took most of the day on this smaller project. The primary reason for it going slower is that first project was to install sheet rock above the garage overhead door and this required the removal of the supports for the door tracks. Once we got past and attached the supports we continued with more sheetrock but had to work around the ramp I had constructed and this slowed us down as well. But we managed to get all the sheet rock on and of course cut the crawl hole for the attic access

When Mark left Sandy strated cleaning the garage while I used the sheet rock jack to install the suspension furnace. I insulated and sheet rocked the portion of wall behind the furnace. The jack made a great way of raising the furnace into place and I was able to force it against the sceiling so that my lag bolts could be tightened without pulling too hard on the framing and causing them to strip out.

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