August 19, 2004

Instead of showing your more pictures of the applications of the gussets I thought I'd do somethingmore interesting. I started the evening doing the gussets but when I got to the end of a tube of glue I switched projects. The copper tube you see at the bottom of this narrow stud space is the air supply line that we ran through the joist out to the middle of the shop. I intended to extend this line before getting the sheet rock on the garage side but must confess I forgot to do so. I had a bit of trouble getting this stub of pipe cleaned up and the fitting in place, but once I had it ready the solder took just a minute to complete.

For now I extended the pipe into the garage where it will later attach to the lines coming from a large stationary mounted compressor. The next project was to insulate the garage wall in preperation for sheet rock. I will not be applying a vapor barrier to this wall since it connects with the garage and I am not afraid of moisture problems. I will have more sheet rock delivered tomorrow with a full weekend of sheet rocking planned. And yes, a handymans secret weapon is duct tape. There was so much going on in the wall section with the arrow pointing to it that I felt it was necessary to use some duct tape to hold the patches of insulation in place unitl the sheetrock is applied.

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