August 21, 2004

Work started inside the shop this morning while the temperature outside was 30 degrees. This is unusual weather for this time of year, but is also a reminder that time is running out for the warm weather. So working on insualtion seemed very appropriate today. I started in the garage by applying gussets to the joints between the siding, cedar 1 X 12 band, and the foundation plywood sheathing. I followed this by insulating the walls and then installing the vapor barrier. The picture shows my progress by the middle of the day.

After lunch I started the sheet rock and before the day ended I had the east wall completed and the ceiling trim intstalled on the east and north walls. We had to quit in time to move all the lawn equipment back in the garage. While I was working on the sheet rock Sandy was busy cleaning up the reflectors for the ceiling fixtures. We are using the industrial style fixtures that came out of the machine shed and Sandy was removing 8 years of dirt from them.

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