August 22, 2004

Today was a goofy work day. I started out in the new shop getting the south wall (overhead garage door wall) insulated and getting the plywood siding nailed on. Then I stopped to install a new door on the house. We have never been happy with the Larson brand full view door we installed. It was one of their better doors but the glass retainers just did not want to stay in place. So we decided to replace that heavily used back door with a new style full view door. This has a bar across the middle and a split window. It also features a spring loaded top window that when pulled down pulls a screen behind it. Anyway, in my younger days I prided myself with being able to install a Larson combination door in 30 minutes or less. But recent "imporovements" have added considerably to the time needed to install it. Namely, the door can have a right or left hinge, meaning that the hinge holes need to be drilled, adding to the time. Enough complaining on my part, after two hours I had the door installed and went back to work on the new shop. As you can see above the south wall of the garage is completed including casing the door.

Once I finished this we went to the old shop and started some moving. We wanted to get the green shelves you see above moved from the old shop to the new so we could start putting things on shelves instead of piling things up. This was no simple matter, we had to unload the shelves and drag them out to the driveway where I used the pressure washer to clean off the dust and dirt. Then we moved them and installed them against the north wall of the garage (finish room wall). We were b oth covered with dust and dirt and darn glad to be done with this project.

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